Stage 3 is closed! Thank you and good luck to all our entrants.

The Telstra Best of Business Awards.

Small and medium-sized businesses reflect the Australian spirit. More than being vital to our economic prosperity, they're also the lifeblood of our communities and culture. We're thrilled to debut the Telstra Best of Business Awards, created to reward and celebrate the inspirational and exceptional businesses moving Australia forward.

Over 25 years and better than ever.

Having inspired a generation, the Telstra Business Awards and the Telstra Business Women's Awards leave a prestigious legacy. In the reimagined Awards, we continue celebrating the next generation of exceptional small and medium-sized businesses. With 8 new categories, the Telstra Best of Business Awards truly reflects the diversity of Australia's current business landscape.

Entering is a unique experience.

Enter and you'll gain invaluable insights and new perspectives for your business. If selected as a finalist or winner, you'll be recognised as an exceptional business impacting areas vital to Australia's progress, and unlock an exciting world of experiences and possibilities.

  • Recognition as one of Australia's best small and medium-sized businesses
  • Credibility of Australia's most prestigous business Awards
  • Pathways to success and growth
  • Access to a network of renowned business minds

Explore our new categories.

Whatever your business, wherever you are, if you have under 200 employees, there’s an Awards category for you. 

The Progressing Australia category.

Central to the new Awards program is the annually-changing Progressing Australia category. Progressing Australia will represent the most challenging issue Australia faces each year as determined by the Australian public and independent business research experts. As a national-level Award, businesses must enter a core category to be eligible to enter.

This year, Progressing Australia will focus on Local Leadership.
Person using stylus on tablet.

Progressing Australia

Each year, the committee will base the category on the most important issues affecting Australia and set the theme for the Award accordingly.

Accelerating Women

For businesses actively challenging exclusion and inequality to create meaningful and lasting equity for women.

Championing Health

For businesses focussed on innovative solutions, improving health outcomes for every Australian.

Building Communities

For businesses working to make a positive impact on culture and society so people from all walks of life can thrive as part of a supportive community.

Indigenous Excellence

For Indigenous-led, owned and operated businesses succeeding through entrepreneurialism, innovation and inspiring the next generation of all Australians.

Embracing Innovation

For businesses innovating with technology to develop solutions for challenges faced by modern Australia.

Promoting Sustainability

For businesses reducing their environmental impact by driving sustainable change within their industry for a cleaner and healthier planet.

Outstanding Growth

For businesses achieving significant growth and contributing to building a more resilient Australian economy.

Key dates.

Shortlisting Q&A

3rd November

The day all entrants learn if they have been invited to undergo a Q&A with the Judging panel to discuss their Stage 3 submission in further detail.

Stage 3 Q&A

22nd November – 25th November 

Entrants will be given the opportunity to talk about their business face to face via an online interview with Judges. An opportunity to let their passion shine through.

State Finalists Notification

30th November 

The day entrants learn if they have been selected as a State finalist.

Nominations for this year's program are closed. Nominate for next year.