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The story behind the Awards.

In business, change occurs at the speed of light. Australia’s best small and medium-sized businesses are those able to change gears and respond, both to their own, their community and their nation’s needs. The Telstra Best of Business Awards were created to give small and medium-sized businesses a platform to celebrate achievements and stories with their peers, and opportunities to learn from Australia’s best business minds.

Why small to medium-sized businesses?

Small and medium-sized businesses play a unique and essential role as the foundation for Australia’s financial, cultural and social prosperity. Our goal is to recognise and reward businesses moving Australia forward and inspiring the next generation through their ingenuity and resilience.

Awards that reflect the landscape.

The core Awards categories cover a range of areas crucial to Australia's future outlook. The annually-changing Progressing Australia category focusses on the most pressing national issue each year. As a whole, the program has been meticulously designed to celebrate the success stories and diversity of our current small and medium-sized business landscape.

Person using stylus on tablet.

Defining the theme for Progressing Australia.

To ensure the highest level of integrity in defining the theme, we consulted with independent research experts. From quantitative research surveys to qualitative expert interviews, selecting the annual theme for the Progressing Australia Category is a rigorous process.

Over 25 years recognising outstanding businesses.

Telstra has been supporting Australian small and medium-sized businesses for over 25 years with the Telstra Business Awards and Telstra Business Women’s Awards. In 2020 these were cancelled while businesses focused on the myriad of challenges of COVID-19. Meanwhile, we explored how to better reflect and celebrate today’s dynamic and diverse small and medium-sized business arena. The result was the Telstra Best of Business Awards.

A powerful, ongoing legacy.

In our 25 plus years of Awards, we've had the honour of celebrating some of Australia's most exciting small and medium-sized businesses. We're thrilled to have seen Awards Alumni become household names, notable business leaders, and grow into global operations. We're grateful for their continued support of the Awards, and we hope you join them one day.

Bush Medijina

Telstra Business Awards 2019 State Winner

Love To Dream

Telstra Business Women's Awards 2017 National Winner


Telstra Business Women's Awards 2020 State Winner

Mollydooker Wines

Telstra Business Awards 2019 State Winner

Scoot Boots

Telstra Business Awards 2018 National Winner

STEM Punks

Telstra Business Awards 2019 State Winner


Telstra Business Awards 2019 State Winner

Water Tight Canberra

Telstra Business Awards 2019 National Winner

Our exclusive Alumni.

For 28 years, the Telstra Business Awards helped put Australia's best small and medium sized-businesses in the spotlight. Discover the inspiring highest achievers in their respective categories over the years.

The Telstra Business Women's Awards program recognised and celebrated outstanding business women for 25 years. Learn more about these ground-breaking women and their uplifting stories.

Think your business is ready to join the exclusive Alumni?