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Complete Home Filtration

2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards | WA | National Winner

Outstanding Growth Award

Australians have never been more aware about the importance of health and hygiene in every aspect of their lives. Equally, people are more conscious about their impact on the environment and are searching for feasible and cost-effective ways to reduce this.

Embodying these social issues and demonstrating the belief that everyone deserves to have the best water possible in their home, Complete Home Filtration has drawn upon more than a decade of experience to deliver a revolutionary water filtration system that focuses on better health, beauty, environment, and lifestyle outcomes for Australians.

Founded in Western Australia, Complete Home Filtration’s solution is professionally plumbed into the main water supply of any home and actively removes contaminants, like chlorine, down to one micron, and helps reduce lime-scale. The result: clean and freshly filtered tap water that isn’t wasted or costly.

A self-described ‘water fanatic’, Suzanne Dodds founded Complete Home Filtration due to her belief that fresh, contaminant free water is something we want everyone to experience, and everyone to enjoy every day.

Among a myriad of accolades recognising the success and widespread growth of the company, Complete Home Filtration has been recognised as the 2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards Outstanding Growth National Winner.

Complete Home Filtration has spent the past two years focused on the planning and execution of national expansion. This mantra has been supported by the invention and provision patent of Attapure, a Per- and Poly-Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) removing filtration system that will solidify its premium supplier status here in Australia and will also enable the business to export the product to other emerging markets.

Beyond its international expansion opportunities, the company is also working to onshore as many manufacturing processes as possible, maintaining the highest possible standards and proudly displaying the trusty Kangaroo mark on its flagship model.

Reflecting on receiving the Award, Suzanne said: "Winning this award is a fantastic pat on the back for the whole team who work so hard every day to deliver excellence in both product delivery and customer service to our customers. Being recognised on the national stage is amazing for both credibility for scaling business and signals strongly to the market that we are a professional and growing company to watch."

Being recognised in the Awards program, the business is proud of its monumental growth in the last two years and its team is excited to expand its offering to those seeking water filtration systems both locally and internationally.

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