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Heaps Normal 

2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards | ACT | State Winner

Embracing Innovation Award & Outstanding Growth Award

In recent years, Australia’s craft and locally brewed beer culture has exploded in popularity. While many have catered for the nation’s increasingly diverse palates, there was little thought for those who desire the taste without the alcohol. 

As an independent non-alcoholic beer company, Heaps Normal is on a mission to change Australia’s drinking culture by brewing beer that tastes and looks like it, without the alcohol content.

Launched at the end of 2020, the business was started in the middle of the pandemic by Jordy Smith, Andy Miller, Ben Holdstock and Peter Brennan - four friends who set out with the common goal to normalise mindful drinking, all having had different and personal connections to the effects of alcohol-use, from depression to suicide.

Discussing their experience that led to the creation of Heaps Normal, Heaps Normal cofounder and Head of Brand, Pete Brennan said "We all felt there was more to life than being hungover after a night out. We realised that we all had different reasons for wanting to cut down our alcohol consumption, but there weren't many options available for people who genuinely enjoyed a good beer.”

"So, we started the business for that very reason - to make great tasting beer for people who really enjoy drinking beer, but for some reason or another want to cut down on their alcohol consumption," said Peter.

Inspired by the challenges of creating a unique product in an already saturated market, the business saw an opportunity to have a competitive edge by changing consumer behaviour. With alcohol causing some of Australia's biggest addiction and abuse issues, Heaps Normal’s founders believe that their audience had to start with people just like them - those wanting more options to make better decisions to suit their lifestyle.

As a dedicated non-alcoholic producer, Heaps Normal has been able to communicate the benefits of making healthier and smarter choices when it comes to drinking. Proof that its strategy is working, Heaps Normal was announced as the 2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards, Embracing Innovation and Outstanding Growth, ACT State Winner.

While the country might have a long way to go to breaking down social and cultural norms, Heaps Normal is proud to be able to change the lives of its customers, no matter what their pre-existing relationship with alcohol has been.

Beyond its Award wins, the business is continuing to lead a global movement to transform the meaning of a standard drink. Having achieved significant success in the Australian market with Heaps Normal available in 4,000 venues across Australia and being the number one selling product for a number of online retailers, the brand is now planning further global expansion to add to its recent arrival in the Singapore and Malaysian markets.

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