Alumni Stories

Martin’s Eyecare

2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards  | TAS | State Winner

Championing Health Award

Eyecare in this day and age should be viewed differently according to locally owned Tasmanian optometry practice, Martin’s Eyecare. 

Since 2009, the business has focused on delivering tailored solutions for people of all ages using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic devices, with equipment that is ahead of the curve to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Founder Martin Robinson started the business when there was a strong market for local, independent optometrists in the region. With plenty of experience working across both chain optometrists and franchises, Martin’s understanding of the areas in which they were successful and where they fell short helped him in establishing and growing his own business.

While the business values classic eyewear that isn’t about a brand name, rather a true representation of the wearer, its growth is also attributed to supporting businesses that produce lenses locally. Sourcing frames locally and from overseas is also key. This means knowing who the designers are, understanding production techniques, and embracing each of the stories behind the many brands the company partners with.

Like many other small businesses faced with challenges over the past few years, Martin’s Eyecare was also forced to approach business from a new lens. Due to only being able to offer emergency care, the business was no longer able to perform routine eye examinations which restricted patient access.

With the easing of restrictions Martin was able to introduce new technologies and safeguards to ease his businesses’ way back to normality. All these important components formed a much more personalised experience for each and every patient, and subsequently, Martin’s Eyecare was named the 2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards, Championing Health, TAS State Winner.

With support from the Awards program, Martin has continued to grow and adapt to the everchanging optical landscape, reinforcing his philosophy that in a world where many are driven solely by profit, it is essential to take the time to offer tailored care to every customer.

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