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She's a Crowd

2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards | NSW | National Winner 

Accelerating Women Award

With the goal of making cities safer for women and gender-diverse people, and closing the gender data gap, Zoe Condliffe decided to start her own social enterprise in 2018, known as She’s A Crowd.

The business delivers data insights via their dashboard, and through custom reports and consulting to decision-makers and businesses who are looking to promote the safety of women and gender-diverse people in their communities by creating safer cities, housing options, lifelines, and online emergency response services for victims.

She’s a Crowd currently has over 100,000 reports in its database and is the only always-available crowdsourcing platform for the prevention of gender-based violence in Australia. Committed to long-lasting change, She’s A Crowd envisions a world where everybody can report their experience, with data being used to tackle the root causes of gender-based violence.

The platform enables marginalised communities to be given a voice, allowing those who often are left unheard to be given the opportunity to tell their story. 

As with all systemic issues, addressing these types of problems involves an approach that is both nuanced and meticulous. Zoe reflects on the last three and half years, saying they have “built a trusted brand with our audience, which allows us to speak to and access survivors in a way our customers often find challenging.”

Whilst there are many organisations working to address these issues, She’s A Crowd has a unique model that effectively bridges the gap between survivors and legislators.

Zoe adds that by “addressing the gender-data gap using a data-driven methodology and a technical approach, our social impact model can be scaled to create impact across Australia and eventually, the world.”

Reflecting on receiving the Award, Zoe said: “we are a small feminist tech start-up with a social mission, and for us winning this award signifies the huge progress we have made in the last four years. To win such a prestigious award in the world of business is testament to the way that a social impact model and a business model, if designed well, can go hand in hand.

“I envisioned She's A Crowd to have a sustainable business model so that we could make systemic level social change. I hope that this award can show others that it is possible to run a good business with a social purpose."

Having had more than six years’ experience across data activism and gender advocacy, Zoe committed herself to finding a solution to gender-based violence, becoming a leader in the social change sector. Fast forward a few years, and She's A Crowd is backed by a team of data analysts, marketers, gender experts and business advisors, and has recently been crowned as the 2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards, Accelerating Women, National Winner.

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