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Love To Dream

Telstra Business Women's Awards  |  NSW  |  National Winner

2017 Telstra Entrepreneur Award

When Hana-Lia Krawchuk gave birth to her first child, it was sleep-deprivation and exposure to continuous crying that soon led her to launch Love To Dream.

After questioning the “failsafe” swaddling technique she had been taught by midwives, which was proving ineffective in soothing her son to sleep, Hana-Lia developed a line of garments that would allow babies to sleep safely, soundly and more comfortably, whilst allowing them to have access to their hands for self-soothing.

Having sold more than two million swaddles worldwide, Love To Dream’s unique three-stage sleep system, and accompanying garments are helping babies sleep better from birth to four years of age and changing the lives of carers across the globe.

As leaders and innovators in the infant products industry, all of Love To Dream’s products have unique points of difference and are protected by patents, design registrations and copyright. Such foresight has future proofed the business, leading it to be recognised by both Telstra and more than 40 consumer and industry awards.

In 2017, Love To Dream won both a National award in the Telstra Business Awards and the Telstra Business Women’s Awards.

In an interview with Business Chicks, she said the accolades were an honour and a testament to the hard work and long hours.

“I think as an entrepreneur, you spend a lot of time making decisions on your own and then questioning whether that was the right decision. When you win two awards from Telstra against other incredible businesses, it’s validation that you’re on the right track,” said Hana-Lia.

With parenthood at the heart of the business, Hana-Lia is proud to accommodate employees’ family and caring arrangements, offering later start times and early finishes for those who need it, and encouraging staff to take time off to attend their kids’ events, without losing annual leave for these hours.

Hana-Lia says, “Sharing the love is our company motto. This is grounded in everything we do, we treat everyone - consumers, retailers, advertisers, fellow team mates, market research callers, everyone, with kindness and respect."

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