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Water Tight Canberra

Telstra Business Awards  |  ACT  |  National Winner

2019 Telstra Small and Succeeding

In 2010, Water Tight Canberra owner, Tom Martin created a business committed to delivering seamless, honest and ethical residential and strata plumbing services. With a pledge to provide the highest customer service, Tom and his team saw the value in communicating well with clients.

Taking a tech-savvy approach, Tom used Google Drive, ServiceM8 and QR coding to keep clients in the know through live updates about each job completed.

By issuing a quick survey known as a Net Promoter Score (NPS) as part of every job conducted, Water Tight Canberra actively listens to customers’ positive and negative concerns. Insights gained help the business to continue building systems and enhancing staff training to increase and uphold premium customer experiences.

To further keep his finger on the pulse, Tom volunteers as President of the ACT Master Plumbers Association and as a Director and board member of Master Plumbers Australia, keeping Water Tight Canberra at the forefront of issues facing the industry.

In 2019, Water Tight Canberra won the Australian Small & Succeeding Award in the Telstra Business Awards.

Reflecting on the win, Tom said, “Running a small or medium business is often a lonely and thankless journey. Taking time out to recognise the great sides of small business, through programs like the Telstra Business Awards, helps remind all of us of the truly excellent side of SMBs, such as great team culture and supporting the communities we are a part of."

Water Tight Canberra proudly supports and donates hours and money to Free Trade day, to help struggling Aussies have their plumbing and sanitation fixtures repaired or replaced.

Tom’s community minded nature has also given rise to their environmental policy, which has seen an 80% reduction to landfill waste through separating waste.

As part of their ongoing commitment to reducing climate change and the ACT's carbon footprint, Water Tight Canberra are continuing to empower customers through educating and sharing the benefits of energy efficient plumbing solutions.

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