Congratulations to all of our 2022 Finalists. 

Award Categories

8 Categories of possibility.

The Telstra Best of Business Awards offer seven core categories and our national-level category, Progressing Australia. Each category reflects a theme essential to advancing Australia. If you're a small and medium-sized business whose diverse expertise is helping shape Australia in different ways, you can enter across multiple categories.

Progressing Australia - Local Leadership.

A strong and skilled workforce across Australia benefits us all. And so, Local Leadership has been identified by business experts and the Australian public as the main issue facing small and medium-sized businesses for this year. Local Leadership recognises and celebrates businesses tackling major local challenges by embracing and building skills of the future, to sustainably drive growth and unity within Australian communities.

Our Award Categories.

Whatever your business does and wherever you are in Australia, there's a category for you - perhaps more than one. As long as you have less than 200 employees and meet eligibility and specific criteria, you can enter as many core categories as you like. To enter Progressing Australia, you must also enter a core category.

Progressing Australia

Each year, the committee will base the category on the most important issues affecting Australia and set the theme for the Award accordingly.

Accelerating Women

For businesses actively challenging exclusion and inequality to create meaningful and lasting equity for women.

Championing Health

For businesses focussed on innovative solutions, improving health outcomes for every Australian.

Building Communities

For businesses working to make a positive impact on culture and society so people from all walks of life can thrive as part of a supportive community.

Indigenous Excellence

For Indigenous-led, owned and operated businesses succeeding through entrepreneurialism, innovation and inspiring the next generation of all Australians.

Embracing Innovation

For businesses innovating with technology to develop solutions for challenges faced by modern Australia.

Promoting Sustainability

For businesses reducing their environmental impact by driving sustainable change within their industry for a cleaner and healthier planet.

Outstanding Growth

For businesses achieving significant growth and contributing to building a more resilient Australian economy.

Nominations for this year's program are closed. Nominate for next year.