Camp Quality

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Camp Quality is a not-for-profit organisation that supports children and families facing cancer. Its programs and services are delivered in hospitals, at school, at home, and at Camp Quality’s Retreats and Camps. The services are completely free of charge, thanks to the incredible support of more than 1,000 volunteers across Australia.


2023 Telstra Championing Health


Dreams2Live4 provides life-changing ‘dreams’ for adults living with advanced cancers. The dreams can be as simple as visiting a favourite beach one last time to making lasting, precious memories with family – helping create a much-needed distraction and giving a 'Dreamer' and their loved ones something positive to focus on.

JDRF Australia

2023 Telstra Championing Health


JDRF Australia is the leading non-Government funder of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) research in Australia, working towards a world without T1D. For 50 years, JDRF has been at the centre of every major T1D breakthrough and advancement, fundamentally changing the way people live with the condition.

SAVVY Beverages

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Savvy Beverages makes healthy drinks for the brain using vitamins, nootropics and superfoods to promote better focus, energy and performance. Crafted by health professionals, the drinks are designed to be a healthy and better alternative to coffee, tea and energy drinks.


2023 Telstra Championing Health


Suremploy delivers pre-employment assessment systems for businesses to include in their recruitment process. Its platform uses screening questionnaires and telehealth physical assessments to assist with a seamless recruitment process that helps organisations significantly mitigate risk in the workplace.

Vantari VR

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Vantari helps clinicians, nurses and students practice lifesaving medical procedures in a safe and scalable virtual reality environment before performing them on real patients. Its mission is to eliminate medical error and improve patient outcomes.


Arkaba Medical Centre

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Arkaba Medical Centre offer services such as lactation consulting, hypnotherapy, iron infusions and chronic health assistance from skilled medical staff. Their vision is to be a family oriented and collaborative practice, providing high quality care under high ethical standards.

Continence Matters

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Established in 2002 by Dr Samantha Pillay, Continence Matters is a medical administration business. The business aims to provide the resources for a clinical team to bring care and treatment to men, women and children with disabling bladder conditions, and promote a wider acceptance and understanding of these conditions within the community.

Creative Therapy Adelaide

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Established in 2020, Creative Therapy Adelaide aims to transform the lives of people through meaningful creative arts therapies including music, dance, drama and art. The team utilise research based therapeutic methods that seek to uncover a person's capabilities and grow their potential. They provide in-clinic services, mobile services and telehealth from their clinic in Torrensville, South Australia.


2023 Telstra Championing Health


Determined2 offers a unique therapy service for people recovering from, or living with injury or disability using SCUBA equipment in a controlled underwater environment. Founded by Peter Wilson, Determined2 enables people to discover the joy of freedom of movement and help them achieve things they never thought possible.

FBW Gynaecology Plus

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Founded by Dr Fariba Willison in 2009, FBW Gynaecology Plus is for women, by women, and offers expert knowledge and treatment in women's health, fertility and wellness. They provide a complete vision for well-being with an approach that goes beyond treatment, extending into quality of life.

Human Psychology

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Formed in 2007, the team at Human Psychology are passionate about improving mental health and wellbeing, helping people think, feel and perform better at work and in their personal lives. The team of experienced psychologists provide wellbeing support and training to organisations and individuals, by combining a deep understanding of human behaviour, psychological research and innovative thinking.



2023 Telstra Championing Health


1300 MEDICS is one of the leading providers of medical services and risk management to public and private events across Australia. The team are a diverse group of clinical specialists, including qualified paramedics, nurses, and first responders. Their combined experience across thousands of events places them in a unique position to provide specialised service, while setting the standard in event medical care.


2023 Telstra Championing Health


FNQH Cairns Skin Cancer Centre is a locally owned and run healthcare clinic, employing and empowering locals. FNQH prides themselves on prevention, detection and treatment of skin cancers. In six short years, FNQH has expanded to three premises, 13 doctors and services over 66,000 patients.

Pleasant State

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Pleasant State is working towards a sparkling clean world that's free of toxic cleaning chemicals and single-use plastics. Most everyday cleaning products are packaged in single-use plastic filled with toxic chemicals so Pleasant State developed 'just-add-water' cleaning bars. When dissolved, the innovative product makes a multi-purpose cleaner, hand and dish soap.

LifeShape Health

2023 Telstra Championing Health


For more than 20 years, LifeShape Clinic has been helping Australians achieve healthier, happier lives. They have refined a unique medical model for weight loss delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated health professionals. Their core focus is to support each client with the tools to successfully achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle long term.

Missy Massy

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Missy Massy was founded by Susie Taaffe in 2016 to empower women in through fashion, helping them feel beautiful in the clothes they wear. Missy Massy's range of Petti-pants Underwear are designed to celebrate the body, and is helping to break the stigma that women are less than without body manipulation.

TalkHQ Speech Pathology

2023 Telstra Championing Health


TalkHQ specialise in helping children succeed, by offering a speech pathology plan to close any communication gaps and assist them with their talking, listening, reading and writing. The team are vibrant and energetic, passionate about helping children expand their ability to communicate with fun and innovative play based therapy and learning.


Dental Boutique

2023 Telstra Championing Health


For the last nine years, Dental Boutique has been crafting exquisite smiles that are intricate, naturally beautiful and unique. The evolution of Dental Boutique was inspired by Founder Dr May Chan's personal story, to help people overcome their fears to achieve the dental health and smile they deserve.

Keep it Cleaner

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Keep it Cleaner is an Australian health and wellness app transforming how people view mindfulness, fitness and meals to feel their best, not look a certain way. Co-Founders Stephanie Smith and Laura Henshaw educate Australians on having a balanced lifestyle that is focused on progress, not perfection.

Pathways to Care

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Pathways to Care became an NDIS registered provider of Support Coordination and Plan Management services in 2017, and continue to provide high quality, independent service to people with a disability, helping them build their capacity and fulfil their life goals. All of Pathways to Care's operations are built upon the Values of Inclusiveness, Respect, Responsiveness & Continuous Improvement.

PsychPhys (VIC) Operations

2023 Telstra Championing Health


PsychPhys provides quick and holistic support programs to reduce risk and vulnerability, while helping individuals live a safe, happy and independent life. Through tailored Psychology, Exercise Physiology and Behaviour Support programs, PsychPhys promotes acceptance and raises public awareness into the level of risk within our society.


2023 Telstra Championing Health


Sleep Corp is a company that creates a range of mattress and pilow protection products, with teams throughout Australia and New Zealand. The business is known for its flagship PROTECT-A-BED product that protects mattresses from spills and stains, and the sleeper from dust mites, mould and bacteria.


Building Friendships

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Building Friendships is a unique social and community program offering people living with disabilities an opportunity to get out into the community with a group of peers in a safe and inclusive environment. Its person-centered programs are structured to ensure inclusion within the community, development of life and social skills, while maintaining a fun and creative environment.

Happiness Co

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Happiness Co was created by Julian Pace in 2017, as a legacy to his father, who took his own life on Julian's 21st birthday. Happiness Co is a social enterprise intending to tackle social problems, reduce suicide rates and improve the wellbeing of communities. The team runs tailored programs that deliver practical tools and strategies for finding happiness.

Masters Psychology

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Masters Psychology is a group of psychology and wellness clinics across Perth, offering clinical psychology, psychology services, and cognitive assessments. Coupled with the warm, open and non-judgmental environment, the team aims to reduce the suffering associated with mental illness, by creating better access, outcomes and tangible, meaningful change.

Next Practice Victoria Park

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Next Practice Victoria Park is a medical general practice that aims to do things differently. It aims to do this by completely recreating the patient experience, replacing receptionists with patient advocates, waiting rooms with a modern living room, and consultation rooms that encourage shared decision-making in the patient's health journey.

Occupational Therapy Services Group

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Occupational Therapy Services Group provide people with exceptional services for safe, active and independent living to help them achieve a fulfilling life. The team of therapists are experienced in their area of work, and conduct thorough assessments combined with a people centred approach.

Perth Healthcare Centre

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Perth Healthcare Centre provides a complete, integrative and holistic approach to healthcare. It aims to bring together the best healthcare professionals in the region to provide patients with the latest treatment to provide them with the most effective and fastest health outcomes.


Innova Dental

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Innova Dental and Prospect Family Dental was set up by Dr Bing Lee and his wife Dr Fay Chan after they came across a gap in what the local Tasmanian dental practices were offering the community. Started in 2015, they brought with them years of experience with CADCAM chairside technology and were the first practice in Launceston to offer same day handcrafted crowns. The business is now the largest practice in Tasmania that provides safe and high-quality dental care.

Launceston Health Hub

2023 Telstra Championing Health


The Launceston Health Hub provides a wide variety of health services all on the one site with the vision to be Northern Tasmania's Leading Health Ecosystem. Inspired to provide high-quality, comprehensive and timely care to the community of Launceston, Dr Jerome Muir Wilson along with his wife Dr Jaclyn O'Keefe and business partner Dr Gaurav Singh, completed building the medical centre in 2014.

Sarah's Family Wellness Centre

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Sarah's Family Wellness Centre is centered around its mission to help families lead healthier and happier lives, by providing a child-care service while parents indulge in their own self-care. The centre provides a family friendly space and customer experience that is tailored to the needs of the individual, with treatments ranging from pregnancy or infant massages to remedial massages for injury, with something for every member of the family.

The Bubble Launceston

2023 Telstra Championing Health


The Bubble Launceston is a boutique specialist GP clinic providing sexual and reproductive women's health services, with a large focus on pregnancy and postpartum. The Bubble Launceston was founded in 2021 by Dr Natasha Vavrek, with the aim of providing quality women's health care in a safe and nurturing environment in a way that will educate, enable and empower women.

Wildheart Hobart

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Wildheart is a boutique health and wellness studio that specialises in helping people who are dealing with stress, anxiety, illness and trauma through their tailored health programs and one-on-one coaching and support. Founded in 2015 by Jane Crosswell, the company has led with a vision to transform lives and to educate and support people to find their own way to better health.



National Nursing Agency

2023 Telstra Championing Health


National Healthcare Services and National Nursing Agency are nursing agencies based in Canberra, that specialise in providing compassionate and experienced professional registered and enrolled nurses, and assistants in nursing. The agencies are family owned and operated for more than 22 years.

Wildly Strong

2023 Telstra Championing Health


Founded by Jennifer Lee, Wildly Strong takes a different approach to women's health and fitness to educate women on the true foundations of health and wellbeing. Jennifer created the Wildly Strong Women's Health Academy, an online course offering teachings focused on mindset, nourishment, and movement.