2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


B dynamic is an Australian owned and operated business based in Western Sydney, focusing on delivering supply-chain solutions. Specialising in end-to-end eCommerce logistics, its mission is to provide flexibility and innovation for customers, helping them achieve their commercial goals.


2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


MindArc is a retail technology provider with a mission to create beautiful and innovative eCommerce solutions for its customers. The organisation helps its clients set up the right infrastructure for growth and global expansion in both the B2C and B2B space.

Renew IT

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Renew IT is an IT asset lifecycle service provider that recycles an organisation’s redundant IT hardware while protecting each device data and software security. Its focus is achieving zero landfill e-waste and championing tech innovation and sustainability.


2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Suremploy delivers pre-employment assessment systems for businesses to include in their recruitment process. Its platform uses screening questionnaires and telehealth physical assessments to assist with a seamless recruitment process that helps organisations significantly mitigate risk in the workplace.


2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


triSearch is an all-in-one technology solution for Conveyancers that operate nationally. It combines the three main tools a conveyancing business needs to conduct their workflow electronically end-to-end - Practice Management Software (PMS), due-diligence Search Platform and Electronic Conveyancing Tools.

Vantari VR

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Vantari helps clinicians, nurses and students practice lifesaving medical procedures in a safe and scalable virtual reality environment before performing them on real patients. Its mission is to eliminate medical error and improve patient outcomes.



2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Consunet is an Australian owned enterprise with 20 years of experience delivering trusted defence software and electronic engineering capabilities. Their expertise covers advanced research innovation through to production system development and operation. Consunet's capability, capacity and infrastructure investment is shaped by its vision to build the Australian cyber and spectrum security future.


2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Hubble is a software-as-a-service company based in Adelaide, which can predict household energy performance. They are dedicated to assisting suppliers, vendors, builders, architects, and homeowners in designing and building a more sustainable, healthy, and net-zero environment. Hubble is determined to make sustainable housing accessible to everyone.

Picket Feds

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Picket is an all-in one home organising mobile app that focuses on creating efficient systems that work for households of all shapes and sizes, so people can spend more time doing the things they enjoy. At its core, Picket removes the mental clutter often felt day-to-day and has developed into both a feature rich, and great user experience app.


2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Silentium Defence is one of the global leaders in the design and deployment of passive surveillance systems. They specialise in tailored solutions designed to meet the critical surveillance and traffic management demands of high-end customers. The team build systems that will empower organisations to protect what matters, when it matters most.

Succession Ecology

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Succession Ecology is a multi-faceted environmental business that finds innovative solutions in nature. The organisation works with clients across a broad range of areas from the collection and sale of native seed, to ecological consulting and research. The team appreciates nature and what it can do, with a philosophy of 'why engineer something when nature can often do it better.'

SULLIVAN Consulting

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Sullivan Consulting is a boutique recruitment firm located in the heart of Adelaide. The company is committed to providing quality recruitment and human resource services to businesses and not-for-profit organisations in South Australia and abroad. Founded in 2017 by Andrew Sullivan, their approach combines the strength of experience with the freshness of a new, digital approach. Clients can expect personalised service and clear, consistent communication.


Ability Enterprises

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Ability Enterprises is a not-for-profit, social enterprise providing meaningful employment opportunities to marginalised individuals living in regional Queensland. Through strategic community and corporate partnerships, they support people living with mental illness, a disability, refugees and Indigenous Australians secure employment. They authentically operate under four values: Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence.

Abundance Global

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Abundance Global is an education, mentoring and support community for small to medium enterprise and entrepreneurs who desire to create intergenerational wealth for themselves and their community. They specialise in providing leaders with the training and support needed so they can, with confidence and clarity, use their business as a pathway to a remarkable life. Abundance Global's mission is to support one million socially conscious entrepreneurs globally by 2027.

Association of Professional Builders

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


The Association of Professional Builders (APB) helps residential home builders grow their companies safely and securely with one-on-one coaching and training. APB works exclusively with the owners of residential building companies that specialise in new homes or major remodelling projects across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.


2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


aXcelerate is one of Australia's leading student and learning management software. The platform is made up of three interconnected key systems: a Student Management System, Learning Management System, and an on the job training tool called Work Based Learning. aXcelerate's vision is to empower training organisations to create better learning outcomes through world class technology, and see organisations grow.


2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


With more than 150 years of experience in a team of qualified business and IT professionals, Lime Intelligence combines knowing what people need from a business perspective with cutting edge cloud based technology to give tailored solutions. With a vision to revolutionise the way business intelligence is delivered from traditional analysis on the desktops of a select few to a pivotal tool used across all teams in a self-service and mobile-accessible model, Lime is driving a change in the way people are doing business.

Queensland Computers

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Queensland Computers are an IT company that gets to the heart of technology to provide real solutions that streamline organisations and boost efficiency. Their goal is to deliver transformational technology outcomes that place their services into the category of 'investment' over 'expense'.


Conserving Beauty

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Conserving Beauty creates efficacious waterless beauty products to help people's skin and save water, carbon and waste in the process. With a background in science and a passion for social justice, Natassia Nicolao founded Conserving Beauty in 2021. The brand is financially backed by environmental and government impact funds, and has impact partnerships with organisations including the Water Footprint Network, the Australian Water Association, SeaTrees, Trace and Provenance.

Household Capital

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Household Capital provide Australia's retirees with access to home equity to improve long term retirement funding. Its mission is to help Australian retirees live well at home, underpinned by the values of Agency, Empathy and Transparency. The team works to reduce uncertainty about longevity and increase confidence in long term retirement housing, funding and wellbeing.

Liberate Learning

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Liberate Learning is one of the fastest growing and most respected digital and blended learning services providers in Australia. The team advise and equip clients with digital learning strategies, apps, learning platforms, technology, eLearning, and blended learning solutions.

Meg Languages

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Meg Languages is an innovative Australian company offering live and interactive Mandarin and Spanish language programs to over 50,000 school students all over the world each week. Through leveraging technology to broadcast native language teachers directly into the classroom, Meg Languages builds language capability while immersing students in a new culture, turning students into global citizens.

MI Academy

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


MI Academy is a team training and consultancy provider, giving retailers the confidence and capabilities needed to drive enhanced marketing performance, customer experience, design thinking and organisational change. Unlike an agency, they believe in skills for life, not just for the life of one campaign.


2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Sleep Corp is a company that creates a range of mattress and pillow protection products, with teams throughout Australia and New Zealand. The business is known for its flagship PROTECT-A-BED product that protects mattresses from spills and stains, and the sleeper from dust mites, mould and bacteria.


ADAPT By Design

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


ADAPT By Design has a vision to build incredible communities by empowering small and medium businesses, globally, and to address the staggering failure rates of Australian SMEs. The business works towards this goal by empowering high performing leaders and teams, to ensure businesses are set up to scale sustainably and profitably.

Australian Control Engineering (ACE)

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Australian Control Engineering (ACE) help utlity providers such as the water, power, oil & gas and mining industries along their journey to implement new technology projects in an optimised and innovative way. ACE's vision is to provide the best locally supported technology and experienced engineers to work closely with its customers to ensure their digital transformations are friendly and effortless.


2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Floveyor is a privately owned Australian manufacturing company that manufactures Floveyor conveyors and associated equipment used in bulk material handling. Its focus is on the safe and efficient handling of dry powders and granules, using the aero-mechanical method of conveying.


2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Protective is an innovative Australian technology company that designs, manufactures and supplies industries worldwide with protective equipment for safety hazard identification and accident prevention. The team is dedicated to applying next generation technology to improve and protect the lives of the world's workforce, all while working towards reducing workplace incidents.


2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Regional Safety Services deliver affordable and practical safety solutions throughout regional communities. A personalised on-site appraisal helps business owners, managers and staff put their individual risks into perspective, and understand the responsibilities they hold. The team believe that if safety solutions are not affordable or easy to understand, they're less likely to be embraced within a business.

TOKN Technology

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


TOKN has created a cost-effective workforce automation platform, covering areas including productivity, safety, wellness, comms and engagement through a simple to use, cloud-based service. The businesses' mission is to allow you to work where you want to, the way you need to, through sophisticated software solutions.


Abe's Audio

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Founded by Abe Udy in 1998, Abe's Audio is a leading audio production house based in Tasmania. The business has developed systems that enable them to deliver high-quality voiceovers and audio production at scale, regardless of where their clients are located.


2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Aqua Clean Tas is dedicated to developing high performance net cleaning systems. By implementing slow action high torque scrubbing blades instead of high pressure water to clean netting, Aqua Clean Tas has revolutionised net cleaning designs. Co-Founder Tim Ford has committed the company to ongoing research and development to extend the cleaning system to all cages and netting configurations.

Ellis Richmond Pty Ltd

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Ellis Richmond provides accounting services to help clients measure and manage carbon emissions, helping them to understand their impact and how they can make a difference. Through specialised technology, they are able to build a community of businesses measuring and sharing their emissions data, with the aim of making more informed business decisions when it comes to sustainability.

Innova Dental

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Innova Dental and Prospect Family Dental was set up by Dr Bing Lee and his wife Dr Fay Chan after they came across a gap in what the local Tasmanian dental practices were offering the community. Started in 2015, they brought with them years of experience with CADCAM chairside technology and were the first practice in Launceston to offer same day handcrafted crowns. The business is now the largest practice in Tasmania that provides safe and high-quality dental care.


Holdaccess (WUNA)

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Holdaccess (WUNA) provide organisations with an independent tool designed by Indigenous people for Indigenous people, to ensure they have a transition to digital identification verified capabilities at their fingertips. The Diji Wallet (digital) function holds diverse identification and skills capabilities that can be shared instantly at anytime.



2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Bluerydge is an Australian owned and operated cyber security and technology firm, focused on providing solutions, quality outcomes and premium customer service. Their identity is built on the vision to generate local contributions to Australia's national security landscape.

Castlepoint Systems

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Castlepoint Systems is a Canberra-headquartered global company, founded and led by governance, risk, and compliance experts, with decades of experience in records management, cyber security, audit, privacy, and information architecture. Their vision is to change the way the world manages information, so that people, communities and companies are safer and smarter.

National Nursing Agency

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


National Healthcare Services and National Nursing Agency are nursing agencies based in Canberra, that specialise in providing compassionate and experienced professional registered and enrolled nurses, and assistants in nursing. The agencies are family owned and operated for more than 22 years.


2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Pursuit Technology helps business leaders use data to prove their strategic impact through a distinct technology setup that combines digitised capability mapping with learning management, experience and analytics. Their work is underpinned by their values of innovation, impact, empathy, courage, and transparency.

Region Group

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


Established in 2016 by Tim White and Michael McGoogan, Region Media is a for-purpose news technology platform committed to local news and community information. Their mission is to serve regional Australia by facilitating important conversations through trusted, balanced journalism.

The Mullion Group

2023 Telstra Embracing Innovation


The Mullion Group is an Australian-based software company, specialising in the measurement and modelling of land-based greenhouse gas emissions and removals. Through its software platform, FLINTpro, the Mullion Group takes data from satellites, ground measurements and models and converts this into actionable information for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.